Ekaraj Ohn

My name is Ekaraj Worasamutprakarn (Ohn) or just Ekaraj Ohn
I’m an Asst.Prof. in Fine Art who love both traditional watercolor medium and also digital painting.
I’m currently teaching in Department of Animation and Digital media, Science and Technology, BSRU University, Bangkok, Thailand.

The precious moments perceived by the physical senses can be turned into unforgettable memories and impressed on our hearts. My impression since I was young is the charm of my hometown, temples, markets, grand palace, my journeys, and the fantasy tales. These are important resources to create my artworks which are from the bottom of my heart and memory.

Solo Exhibition
2018, Hungary, “Friday dream”, Watercolor Solo Exhibition.
2015, Hungary, Solo Exhibition: “Himmapan Tales” Concept Illustration-Digital painting.

Group Exhibition:
o 2016, Vietnam, “Journey to Hue”, Watercolor.
o 2016, Nepal, “Parallel world”, International Watercolor Society exhibition.
o 2017, Vietnam, “Remembrance of Nepal”, International Watercolor Society exhibition.
o 2018, Pakistan, “Pearls of Peace” 2nd Malaysia International watercolor biennale.
o 2018, Italy ,“Fabriano in Aquarello” International Watercolor exhibition.
o 2018, Malaysia, “1st Malaysia International watercolor biennale”
2017, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, Speaker in International Animation Challenge in topic “Improve your scene design”.
2018, Silpakorn University, Thailand, “Boragon, Character Design”, Publication on The International Creative Art Disseminating.
2019, RMUTTR, “Chinese newyear painting”, Thailand Art & Design Exhibition

Original paintings >> here <<