Friday dream series 2019

Continue from my passion of last year series. Most of the paintings were inspired from Thailand landscape but this year also including my impression from traveling around the world.

Parade of coronation of king rama x – Private Collection
Glitter of grand palace -Sold
Chinese New year I (35×56 cm) -Sold
Chinese New year II – (35×56 cm) – Sold
Chinese New year III (35×56 cm) -Sold
Grand Palace at night (35×56 cm)
Grand Palace (35×56 cm)
Grand Palace (35×56 cm) – Sold
Grand Palace at evening (35×56 cm) – Sold
Grand Palace before rain (35×56 cm) – Sold
Wat Suer Ten, Chaingrai (35×56 cm)
Wat Pra Sing, Chaingmai (35×56 cm)
Wat Songtham, Samutprakarn (35×56 cm)
The gaurdian (35×56 cm)
Wat Pho,Bangkok (35×56 cm)
The palace in Myanmar (35×56 cm)
The palace in Myanmar-II (35×56 cm)
Travel in South Korea (35×56 cm)
Visit friend in Eger,Hungary (35×56 cm)
Eating icecream in Szeged, Hungary (35×56 cm)
Rooftop view in Szeged, Hungary (35×56 cm)
Mako, Hungary (35×56 cm)
Amphawa floating market (73 x 56 cm)
Come back home (35×56 cm) – Sold
Emotion of the seashore (35×56 cm)
Road to home (35×56 cm)
Bangkachao canal (35×56 cm)
Bangkokyai canal (35×56 cm)
Klongteoy canal (35×56 cm)
Running in the rain (35×56 cm)
Home in bangkachao (35×56 cm)
Morning light around Silom (35×56 cm)
An alley in Pahurad (35×56 cm)
Yaowaraj (35×56 cm)
Street in Bangkok (35×56 cm)
Sapanhan (35×56 cm) –
Market in Bangkok (35×56 cm) – 300 USD
Live along the canal (35×56 cm)
On the way (35×56 cm)
Aroun home (35×56 cm) – Sold
Garden of dream (35×56 cm)
Chaopraya rim (35×56 cm)