Friday dream series 2018

Friday dream is my favorite series which I paint every Friday night.
(The price tags are in Thai Bath unit)
Wat Prakeaw (in the Grand Palace) – Sold
Wat Bangsaikai – Private Collection
Fighting of Guardians (B50,000) – Sold
Palace in Myanmar (B12,000)
Trimit temple (B12,000) – Sold
Temple of dawn (B12,000) – Sold
Tha Tian (B8,000) – Sold
My childhood (B12,000) – Sold
Pak klong market (B12,000) – Sold
Train market (B6,000) – Sold
Sukhothai temple – Sold
Wat Paknampasijareon (B8,000)
Golden mount – Private collection
Light at Chaopraya river (B8,000) – Sold
Golden mount II (B6,000)
The old age of Somdejchaopraya hospital – Sold
Prapradeang shrine gate (B7,000)
Pahurad market (B6,000)
high school group (B6,000)
Wat Bangkrasob (B8,000) – Sold
Wat Prathat doi suthep (B8,000) – sold
Loi Krathong Festival (B7,000)
Street near my office (B7,000)
Budapest (B8,000)
Chain bridge (B12,000) – Sold
Bridge in China (B8,000)
Ship in Chaopraya (B8,000)
Tha Maharaj (B9,000)
River houses,Uthaithanee (B12,000)
Canal and people, (B10,000)
Nakaraj Shrine, Nakhonsawan, (B9,000)
Golden mount. (B10,000)
Hanuman vs. Todsakan (B9,000)
Pakklongtalad market (B12,000) – Sold
Sampeng market (B8,000) – Sold
Mom in the garden (B9,000)
King Rama IX (B9,000)
Pichaiyart temple (B8,000)
Pichaiyart temple (B6,000)
Golden mount (B6,000) – Sold
Pichaiyart2 (B10,000)
Rahu the eclipse god. (B8,000)
Grand palace II (B7,000) – Sold
Golden mouth in the past (B5,000)
Wat prakeaw in the night (9,000)

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